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Olena NiteforMeet Olena Nitefor, Primary Faculty and Administrative Director

Olena Nitefor, holds a Master's of Education in Movement from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA, 1980). She graduated from the first Toronto Feldenkrais Training Program (1987) and has lived and worked in Toronto ever since.

In her ongoing private practice, she primarily works with adults in long-standing and intractable pain (including injuries sustained in accidents, post surgical pain and movement difficulties, as well as difficulties acquired through "repetitive strain"). Olena has 25 years experience teaching anatomy, and has spent the last 10 years devising special anatomy curriculums within the context of Feldenkrais Trainings and postgraduate seminars.

Olena has worked as a certified Assistant Trainer in Feldenkrais training programs in the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1995. She brings to her teaching her love of anatomy as well as her interest in the Feldenkrais Method as a transformational process. Olena will serve as the Primary Faculty and Administrative Director of the program.

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